Gabriel MrGKanev Kanev

Web and Application Developer

Hello, i'm a self-employed web designer, developer, geek and open-source enthusiast.

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MrGKanev has been my freelance trademark since 2010. I help build unique web experiences for small and medium businesses, focusing on corporate websites, web apps and custom CMS integration solutions.

I'm passionate about everything envolving design, and particularly fascinated with minimalist design concepts, illustration and typography. But above all i love any opportunity to play with code. Most of my professional experience has been working with other designers, developers and project managers to convert client designs and business logic into responsive user-friendly websites.

But it's not all about business, the passion for what i do is what drives and keeps me in the game. I like to build stuff just for fun and personal satisfaction, follow me around on Github for more.

Work & Experience

I've developed websites for all types of businesses, most of which have required flexible and maintainable content management solutions. Wordpress is my standard go to application for most use cases, but i'm pretty good at handling any front-end situations involving other open-source PHP based applications.

I've helped build AntiProxies, MGKNeT,Android-apps (soon) and i'm currently finishing off some more, coming soon.

I also work solo or in partnership with other freelancers, and take on projects envolving small brochure websites, personal pages/blogs or institutional websites.


A typical productive day revolves around writing HTML 5, CSS, Javascript, some PHP and dealing with MySQL databases.

On some occasions i also like to use and experiment with Jade and other templating engines. FYI this page was built and compiled using Jade + harpjs

I'm at my best working on a LAMP stacked machine, running on any Debian flavoured OS, and feel comfortable using the Command-line Interface for other productive development tasks.

Thank You!

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—Gabriel MrGKanev Kanev