Hi. I'm Gabriel (Gabo) Kanev

Hello, I'm a self-employed web developer (yep I'm that old), geek, and open-source enthusiast. Some of my projects are @bimbalacom, @antiproxies, and @mgknetcom.

Home- MrGKanev

Software Engineer, Open-Source Enthusiast, Car guy


Bimbala is a SaaS helping companies upgrade their support team. Integration of roadmaps, knowledge boards and etc. made easy. Make your customers see you work for them and make them part of your business!





"Angel Kanchev" University of Ruse

I still have not earned my Masters Degree in Computer Science.


A new and better version of Hybrid.

Ecommerce Glossary

Learn about Ecommerce glossaries.

AntiProxies Support Page

Online status statistics page with UptimeRobot as the data source.


My workstation configuration or (MWC) is all my workstation setups, guides and etc in one place.


A Simple flat-file blog exercise built with plain(procedural) php, no funky frameworks, no fussy builds or installs. And, it comes with a super easy admin panel to edit, delete, create posts and upload images.

Debut Simple Changelog

Here you guys can see a simple changelog for the thing we upgrade on out system.