Another month and a new laptop

Another month and a new laptop- Gabriel Kanev

The last three mounts were full of work. (duck me right) I had so much on my plate that I forgot even a had a podcast talk with an old friend. (hopefully, it will still happen) Updating anything for a personal project was a hassle and let’s see if it will happen again. I got […]

New year … yea yea

New year ... yea yea- Gabriel Kanev

So everybody can see that I didn’t have time for the blog. The last time I did the new year challenge was the 10-th of January. The changes continued at least but weren’t really documented. That is why I remade the website into a WordPress one. (Easier posting and maintenance) I will try again with […]

New Year, Old me 2.0

New Year, Old me 2.0- Gabriel Kanev

New Year Old me 2.0? Yep, this week was really bad, like really really bad. Second week done (4 – 10.01.2020) Working on a pitch deck for Bimbala – really hard. When I’m done with it, i will link it here don’t worry. A lot of custom work for clients – I even went to […]

New Year, Old me

New Year, Old me- Gabriel Kanev

New Year Old me? Most people make a new year resolution connected with what they will change and how it will help them grew up as a person. On paper, it is a really great idea and it is good for a person to make a change once in a while. The small problem is […]

Online Education

Online Education- Gabriel Kanev

Why did I write this? The last 2-3 weeks were really hectic for me. (And for you I’m sure I watch the news.) In our country as in most of the countries in Europe, schools are closed and people are advised to stay home. I and my colleagues (university, online university, and tutors teaching on […]

Fresh Start

Fresh Start- Gabriel Kanev

I’ve been wanting to write for a long time but the old design wasn’t really done for modules like a blog, portfolio, or something similar. That is why I just got one static-based system or Hugo in this case and tried to make a website from it. Nеw content coming soon!