Another month and a new laptop

Another month and a new laptop

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The last three mounts were full of work. (duck me right) I had so much on my plate that I forgot even a had a podcast talk with an old friend. (hopefully, it will still happen) Updating anything for a personal project was a hassle and let’s see if it will happen again. I got a new laptop because of reasons which will be mentioned below. I will add my build on my MWC branch but finding native M1 apps is … interesting.

 2.10.2021 – 31.12.2021

  • My watch later list on Youtube is only 50 videos – a lot of work there
  • The last 2 major updates of my OS (Manjaro) were just trashy – For some reason, half of my drivers stopped working as they should and it was just a major time waister. (GPU, Internet port and SSD Raid were failing) Had to restore backups and test every new update untill stuff was fixed. – I understand the “bleeding edge” software is buggy from time to time, but there were even connection stability problems.
  • Had a lot of problems with Univercity subject. Some jackass from somewhere taught: “Why not make software which can be run only natively” (So no Virtual machines and etc) – I run Manjaro on my daily and work computers and you can understand how much of a time killer it was working on it. Had to do all kind of black magic just to brake the software to work. (on a VM) To the developers/software engeeners who make educational software and think this was a good idea:
  • Not it wans’t. You didn’t stop virtualizing the application, it was only a hassle and waisted time.
  • People still cheated and even the proffesor was amazed how much answers were copy pasted between colleges. While using the software which stops every other process exept the test itself. If people want to cheat, they will cheat.
  • Duck you.
  • Getting an M1 Mac – Yep, I changed my Manjaro machine for an M1 Air with 16 GB Ram. I have used Mac OS before so it will not be a big change but still, it is different. The idea behind the change is to hopefully stop unwanted tinkering with my setup. For now, I can say it is faster than my old Dell. That M1 does its magic, but I still have problems which I’m battling like:
  • Finding native software – Yes Rosetta 1 and 2 are great but don’t work as native apps. Finding everything I need to work on macOS and still be native is a … This website will help you if you are struggling like me, but still doesn’t have everything.
  • Monitors … – It only supports one external monitor which is bad. (at least for me) As a dual monitor guy, I really need my “pixels” to see everything. (work, music, chats, etc) There is a “hack” for this, but we will how it works. Daniel Compton explains everything really well so here is his explanation.
  • It’s quiet – Like too quiet my Dell was a plane and now I go crazy from time to time when I don’t hear anything.
  • The power adapter – It is a 30W charger for a laptop that goes from time to time to 60W. When you give so much money for a laptop like that it would be good to have the correct charger. An alternative charger 65W is like 40-50$.

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