New Year, Old me

New Year Old me?

Most people make a new year resolution connected with what they will change and how it will help them grew up as a person. On paper, it is a really great idea and it is good for a person to make a change once in a while. The small problem is that 80% of the people just fail.

I’m sure that 2020 was “my year” or at least that is what I said at the start of it. (And we all saw, what happen.) That is why I was determined to make 2021 everything that I wanted in 2020. My list was big even for 2020 and now I’m adding more …?

First week done (1 – 3.01.2020)

  • Rooted my phone – Yep its 2021 and I needed to Root my phone. I hate apps working in the background, and love my battery. That is why I needed to remove half of the apps “baked” on my smart phone. “Facebook” I’m talking to you. (not used, without an account in it, it drains 7% of my battery.)
  • My reading list of “news / tutorials and etc” is 1490 links officially. (Some of them are really old.) Read 51 of them. I still add stuff regularly if I can’t read them in my spare time so it will be interesting if it goes near 500 or maybe 250.
  • Finally uploaded the DE of Bimbala. That was something I was saying i would do from mid September.
  • Fixed my Manjaro sound issue (again x3) and updated everything on it
  • Fixed some client related stuff which were in the backlog for more than a year which was nice 😀
  • Watched part of my “Watch later” list on Youtube. 63 videos left

Part of the things i will do this month (Hopefully):

  • Start adding more interesting content here (semi regularly)
  • Helping (Bimbala)[] getting to its Alfa stage. Hopefully we will search for users to test / play with it soon.
  • Getting back in shape.