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Gabriel Kanev
Gabriel Kanev
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So everybody can see that I didn’t have time for the blog. The last time I did the new year challenge was on the 10th of January. The changes continued at least but weren’t really documented. That is why I remade the website into a WordPress one. (Easier posting and maintenance) I will try again with the challenge but this time write every 2 weeks and write a bit more articles with interesting stuff I see/work from work.

10-01.2020 – 2.10.2021

  • My watch later list on Youtube grew to 85 videos. – Most of the old ones are watched and learned
  • All my reading lists are done. My new one is nearly 100 links but I try to read everything on the weekdays
  • Read at least one book a month
  • 75% done with this website – the old design is used. When I have time I would try to spice it up.
  • Updating the main Bimbala website. A lot of work is going into it and soon we will start searching for Alfa testers.

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