Hi, I'm Gabo (Gabriel).

Software Engineer, Open-Source Enthusiast, Car guy

Here you can find all the tools, setups and etc I use for may daily and not so daily tasks.
Part of the links here may help my coffeine addiction so if you buy something : Thanks!

Nickname : Monster (A big bad PC for everything)

PartNameBuy it if you want
OSManjaro Linux (primary) and Windows 10(Games and Office)Manjaro , Windows”
MotherBoardASRock AB350M Pro4‘Isn’t this fun?’
RAM2 x Kingston HyperX FURY 8GB 2666Mhz“Isn’t this fun?”
CPUAMD Ryzen 5 1600“Isn’t this fun?”
GPUAMD ATI Radeon RX 580“Isn’t this fun?”
HDD 1 (Windows)WD 2TB Blue“Isn’t this fun?”
HHD 2 (Linux )WD 1TB Blue“Isn’t this fun?”
SSD 1 (Windows)Samsung EVO 860 250GB“Isn’t this fun?”
SSD 2 (Linux)Samsung EVO 860 250GB“Isn’t this fun?”
CaseZalman R1“Isn’t this fun?”
Power supplypart“Isn’t this fun?”
Monitor 1HP Z22i“Isn’t this fun?”
Monitor 2Acer K242HL“Isn’t this fun?”

My Technical Stack

I use the following programming languages, frameworks and tools:


Code hosting: